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Brand Strategy of flowtags

The flowtags Brand Strategy mainly relies on the personality of the new brand. As a cheeky, young, and visionary buddy for all startups and e-commerce shops, flowtags is turning the tax consulting industry on its head. Their mission is to provoke and demonstrate that it's possible for a tax consulting firm to be up-to-date with the latest trends.

the buddy-concept

flowtags Brand-Personality

How flowtags describes their Personality

Each flowtags client is on an adventure. The adventures of founders and all protagonists are so diverse, yet they are united by one thing: they lack a buddy. A Buddy who stands by their side when it comes to tax and business advice, who understands their vision and becomes part of the story without stealing the limelight. With his cheeky and crazy personality, the buddy brings a sense of ease to all parts of the story. He loves pushing boundaries with the protagonist and sometimes even crossing them. Hardly anyone is as easy to excite as he is - but that only reflects his honest soul. Even when he sometimes goes too far with his cheeky personality, he always means well. Together with the protagonist, the buddy dreams of the future and sometimes even opens their eyes to how much potential they have.

flowtags workshop insight
flowtags workshop insight

flowtags Mission

"we unleash innovation and technology from old structures"

flowtags design element
flowtags claim ? make it fucking flow

flowtags Claim

By using the claim "make it f***ing flow," flowtags has made it clear to even the biggest doubters that they are not your typical tax consulting firm. Flowtags is different, and they proudly live by that.

flowtags name development



From Pattera to flowtags.

The name flowtags is derived from the workflow and the word "tag", as that is essentially what it's all about. Improving the workflow to make room for research and development. It's always important to sort, highlight, and tag the relevant data. In addition, there's a hidden pun with the word "tax" in English, which further alludes to the company's origin in tax consulting.

flowtags logo development

flowtags logo
flowtags Logo Evolution
flowtags logo
flowtags signet
flowtags logo
flowtags logo
flowtags signet

flowtags Corporate Design



Lufga Black for Headlines

Branding Semibold for Copytext

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